Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome to My Blog...


I was so excited of having my own blog until I've forgotten to jot down an introduction to this blog...

I love reading blogs, especially travel blog. I did follow a few blogs which I think were very informative.. and I was very inspired by this blog : My Journey.. My Life.. My Family by Syarliz. One day, I read about Syarliz's trip to Melbourne (my family and I went there 2nd day of raya '09 and went to the places where she had visited) and I told my sister in law, Along Nora to read the same..  

Then, Along said, "yanti, you can also have your own blog". That words triggered me of having and writing on my own.. and yeah now I am really having and writing on my own blog....

From now onwards, I will consider this blog as my journal, where I can pen down anything that is happening around me, my family, all of us, and around the world. You are most welcome to contribute to this column, should you have anything to say.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you will enjoy reading..

Me, Myself and I


  1. Hi Yen,

    Congratulation for having a nice blog.
    welcome dear!!!

    Thanks for dropping by my lil blog. Anyway, keep on reading kay!!!

  2. thanks and welcome.
    rajin2 la singgah ye..

  3. congrats on your new blog, sis...i will follow u :)

  4. thanks along.. your support is very much appreciated..