Friday, June 17, 2011

Harith is 7..

6 June ’11 – Harith becomes another one year older. We held a small celebration for him on a day earlier. As usual, his birthday falls within the school break. We did not expect a crowd since most of the invites were not in town :)

birthday cake and ben 10 oreo chocs – tengkiu ibucuk

birthday boy..

atok reciting the doa, to start the event..

among the friends and relatives..

ayah long and baby affan..

 food and food and food (part of) - thanks to ibungah for cooking deliciously :)

It's not about the crowd, but it's the celebration that makes him smile all day long..
Happy Birthday dear Harith..


  1. melihat menunya ...sungguh tertarik

  2. ..and not to forget the conversation between ''a' atok' and a grandchild a day after that makes us smile the whole day..... and the next day...

    ps...'tenku'..did mention my name eh...

  3. kak kasih, ala menu biasa2 jer.. last minute nye plan :)

  4. ibu ngah - he he biarlah rahsia....

  5. Harith sebaya Angah rupanya.

    Happy Birthday to Harith. Semoga menjadi anak yang sentiasa menyejukkan hati ibu bapa.

  6. happy birthday, ayeed...mak long & pak long still owe ayeed a birthday present & a trip to kuala selangor to see fireflies :)

  7. thank you reen.. happy birthday to angah juga.. nnt boleh kita buat double celebration ye..

  8. thank you maklong.. haa harus pi jugak.. dia dok menyebut aje :O