Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bukit Gambang Resort City

Another 4 days holiday in a row (3 - 6 Feb '12).  We were invited to join a Family Day Fiesta at Bukit Gambang Resort City, Kuantan for 3 days 2 nites. At first it was supposed to be a working holiday for my habibi, but last minute, the work has to be called off. Blessing in disguise, we managed to spent time with the kids.

first time kami sampai sini..

caribbean coffee house view from the lobby..

accommodations provided.. comes with family, studio and deluxe suite..

we took this tram to water park.. rm1 one way.. you may also walk (me can consider as a walking distance).. but maybe not for some others..

water park entrance.. parking agak jauh juga, so those yang tak larat nak jalan boleh drop by in front of the entrance.. boleh buat energy saving..

it's all about getting whole of you wet..

a long queue.. al maklum 4 days break.. luckily we were given kind of coupons to redeem the wristband at a different counter..

gee... you definitely have to pay..

a very good marketing strategy.. one has to enter thru this gift shop to the water park, which sells all kinds of merchandise.. macam2 ada..    

cashless park - you need to buy the e-value wristband to either rent the tube, locker, cabana or to buy food.. you can always top up the value and the remaining will be refunded to you when you return the wristband.. 

we are here now..

we spent most of the time at penguin island.. cabana is at every where.. it is advisable to rent one, as you will get your own place for relaxing.. especially when the place is full of people..

the best part is when the big fish (see the sharp teeth at the top) is filled with water, it will turn sideways and splash the water down.. people will be waiting down there to get a big shower..

part of the island.. if the mother is allowed to slide, both nak paksa juga ibu slide.. first time naik takut2.. but once dah naik.. berbelas kali pulak..

you can find more kids slides here.. just imagine the kids going a few rounds to go for the slides.. quite tiring for the older ones..

next to the slides.. pool area.. tubes are not allowed here..

glacier river.. at first rasa macam malas nak membasahkan diri.. but then once tengok budak2 macam enjoying themselves, straight away i offer myself to take them round the river.. he he.. mana tahan tak masuk air..

it's quite dark inside the tunnel, with water sprinkle and mist.. as tho you are going thru the journey of ice..

we just passed by this area.. it has the largest wave poll in malaysia..

foods ae not allowed to bring into the park, therefore need to get them here.. they also have a few cafe within the area..

the nite before, we spent some time and money here.. entertaining the kids..

we also hop on to this kereta kuda (kena bayar dulu to take you around), which the kids was saying macam dalam cerita enchanted.. the horse was so damn huge, even taller than me standing beside.. was told by the caretaker, it used to be a race horse..

we attended dinner on the second nite..

all in red.. it's not the quantity of the attendees but it's the quality of time spent together among the staff and families..

main course (guess whose tangan is that?)..

for veggie lovers..



soup of the day, and drinks not to be forgotten..

in between dinner, they have karaoke session..

and the lucky draw (for all staff and non-staf).. both of us were no luck at all :'(

the kids got theirs.. can see the smile of happiness..

thanks much to tuan haji zulkarnain and puan hajjah zarina.. for the invite and the warm hospitality rendered..

my red warriors.. weehuu..

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