Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mothers Day Art Attack..

Came back from work, Hazeem approached me and said "Ibu, tutup mata ye.. tutup tau jangan buka!" I was pretending to close my eyes.. "Ok ok.."

"Ok ibu, buka mata.. surprise.." as he gave me the artwork.. 

Pretend lagi konon2 was very surprised "Oh thank you adik.. cantiknya" he he.. Actually I have seen that when I reached home but did not say anything.

When Harith was at Flora Fauna, he used to do the same. It's just that during his time, this blog is inexistence.  But for sure both of them have already wished me on that day. Thank you both.. luv u :D


  1. sebagai mak...kena lah selalu buat2 surprised kan..sooo sweet

    1. ha ha.. klakar la akak ni.. musti dah expert tang bab2 nih :D