Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Raptor Watch 2012

Last year, we happened to be here, but it was kind of late evening. We did not see even a raptor on the air. We were lucky this year - to witness the raptors journey back to the northern hemisphere. Click here for more info on this raptor watch.

we were here on sunday, 11 mar '12..

was held at the same place - ilham resort and training centre..

as usual, the kids were so excited, and the moms as well :D

mobile booth by kementerian pelancongan malaysia..

unlike last year, this year we climbed up the hill to tg tuan forest reserve, which is the best point for raptors viewing..  

it feels like we have been walking for hours before reaching to the point.. seriously tiring..

on the way, passed by a group, with a guide, explaining on the journey of the raptors.. 

managed to touch down at malaysia's oldest lighthouse.. time for a break - kita minum dulu..

but still got a few steps to the top..

it's all about the lighthouse..

and the looks - only a few people were permitted to enter the compound..

searching for the raptors on the air..

sea view from above.. can even see our neighbouring country..

everybody was patiently waiting for the raptors to come nearer..

see the black dots.. at this moment the raptors were high up in the sky..

We did not spent so much time up there, as the kids had started to move here anad there. Then we made our way back to Ilham, to stroll around the booths area.  

raptors are now crossing port dickson, negeri sembilan, malaysia..

stage for photography session i guess..

yeah.. conserving nature of course..


this booth caught our attention - by the wildlife.. they were showcasing the illegal killing by the poachers.. those are real (last photo is an elephant foot).. 

and few other participating booths.. from taiwan..

from our local..

and this also..

bird lovers..

and also from singapore..

can see the raptors clearly with these binoculars by minox..

It was worth coming to this event, and be part of the people - especially the bird lovers and get to know on the migration of raptors. And not to forget the journey to  the lighthouse. Now the kids got the idea on how the real lighthouse looks like and its functions.

Thanks to Malaysian Nature Society, who has been organising this event for 13 consecutive years (note : they have been organising this for quite some time, and we happened to know only last year - what a shame he he). And we look forward to visiting this event again next year.. 

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