Saturday, July 14, 2012

Makan2 @ Opis

Wednesday, 11 July 12 : Makan lagi.. This time around, celebrating our colleague's 50th birthday, and last round of makan2 before Ramadhan.. Kami tak rajin nak buat pot luck, tak sempat nak masak ha ha.. alasan... Food kami order saja..

chicken and lamb mandy, kebab, humus and fetush from al-rawsha kg pandan

desserts - it's all about fruits : ada fruit punch, fruit tartlet, fresh fruits and fruit cake 

kasi close up sikit : buah yang di beli di pasar borong selayang, still fresh even tho have been kept for nearly a week

yummylicious fruit cake by gebu08, ordered and delivered to the office

the birthday girl requested not to blow the candle on the cake.. lucky we have this one decorated candle-in-a-glass.. put the cake and candle side by side, then tiup.. abis cerita.. 

Definitely after Ramadhan there will be an open house pulak.. that time harus la ada ketupat, lemang dan rendang kan kan (looking forward!!)..