Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Amazing Race (Tv Show)

Well, this time around, nak cerita pasal The Amazing Race, US and Asia. Both tv programme have already come to the end.  I consider myself as one of the billion thrillion fans around the world. My mother lagi la peminat setia. Everytime ada kat tv, not even once dia miss. Selalunya I tengok yang ulangan atau berulang2 tengok. He he.. tak bosan tengok tau..Nak tengok on Monday and Thursday nite selalunya tak sempat... 

Seronok tengok race around the world. Dapat berjalan, free lagi tu. Yang tak tahan cuma berehat 12 hours aje before continues to the next leg. Kadang2 rasa macam .. seronok gak kalo jadi one of the contestants...Tu dia, tinggi angan2.. Tengok derang nak complete the task, rasa macam senang tapi bila kena buat sendiri, hamik kau.. boleh ke idak? Furthermore, all the tasks requires mental and physical challenge. 

I bukan lah nak mengulas pasal program ni, cuma nak share aje pasal experience derang. My friends ramai yang tak follow. Laa I sorang je ke yg tengok? Tak best ke cite nih? Adventureous apa.. kena buat bungee jump la.. kena skii la.. jalan atas tali la.. Well.. tak semua suka apa yang kita suka kan.. It depends on the individual. So layan je la ye.. 

The Amazing Race - Season 17

Nat Strand, 31, Doctor and Kat Chang, 35, Doctor

After travelling 4 continents, 30 cities, and 32,000 miles, Phil Keoghan (who has been hosting this programme since season 1, I likee) officially declared doctors Nat & Kat winners of The Amazing Race along with the USD1,000,000 prize. They are the first all-female team to win the race (US)! They started the race at Eastern Point Yacht Club in Gloucester, Massachusetts and ended at Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills,Los Angelas.

I memang suka sangat team ni. Lagi suka la dia orang menang. Dah qualified to top three memang dah amat bagus, alih2 menang plak. Admire the teamspirit and teamwork. Very cool. Rasanya takde la nak terjerit2 sana sini. They supported each other very well. Tak sangka kan doctors boleh menang. They have won 4 legs, and the 12th leg was the biggest winning for them.

The Amazing Race Asia - Season 4

Richard Hardin, 34, Pro Basketballer and Richard Herrera, 31, Actor
Friends, The Philippines

After hitting 8 countries,15 cities, and travelling 38,000km, Allan Wu (host of this programme from Season 1) announced that Richard and Richard is to be the first team to arrived at the finishing line, and to take home the US$100,000 prize. The race started at Thean Hou Temple, Kuala Lumpur and ended at Sands Sky Park, Observation Deck, Singapore.


In the 4th episode, Richard and Richard managed to get the Fast Forward, which they have to be bald before proceed to the pit stop. Alang2 menyeluk pekasam kan.. Kena berani la.. Ha botak le both of them, as photo above. Unlike Kat and Nat, they have only won 2 legs out of 10 (excluding finale). Ini pun one of my favourite team. Both of them pun takde la jenis marah2 and jerit2. Both of them memang ada chemistry la. Ngam la tu. Dia nye semangat nak menang tu memang tinggi, especially during the finale.

Conclusion, both team deserves to win, and they have already won the game. Menang pun dengan cara yang berhemah. I really enjoy watching this programme and looking forward to the next The Amazing Race - Season 18 and The Amazing Race Asia - Season 5..

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