Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Work @ Seoul : Myeong-Dong

Myeong-dong is Korea's trendiest shopping area, with over 300,000 square meters of shops selling clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, and cosmetics. Day or night, young people always crowd into the numerous restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and night clubs in the area.

I went there only once. Itu pun malam hari. Memang tmpt nih happening skit dgn anak2 muda.. macam2 gelagat yg ada.. Pakaian diaorang pun agak trendy.. I was informed by a friend that their trend in clothing is 3 times ahead of us. Memang le nampak stylo2 giler.

I was following my colleague’s wife. Dia nak beli bag. Kitorang pun round la from one stall to another. According to her, branded bags yang ada kat sini mostly Grade A. Tapi sebabkan I’m not interested in buying one, so jalan2 aje la..

Kat sini pun tak terfikir dan tak sempat juga nak ambil gambar. So sorry sebab takde photo yg boleh di kongsi bersama. Lagi pun masa nih belum lagi terjebak into photos and blogging. Ini pun dapat from the internet. Thanks to Google.. Ha next time I will make sure where ever I go, kena amik gambar.. boleh share2 kan..

Myeong-Dong waktu malam...

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