Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wrap-Up on Work @ Seoul

Time to say good bye to Seoul as we are going off today. Tak sabar rasanya nak balik. Nak jumpa my heroes. Once again Namserk sent us to the airport. Two things for sure,
1) accommodation were great, and  2) hospitality rendered by KRX were perfect.

early morning.. with Namserk, leaving for airport..

A few points to note during my stay here :

©    The country itself memang bersih, even tukang sapu sampah tepi jalan pun siap pakai kot.

©    The people are very discipline. Tak buang sampah merata2. Ada zebra, baru cross, or else cari jln subway. Our Korean friends datang sini, nak lintas bukan tgk kiri kanan, main redah je.  We have to tell them the truth about M’sian drivers.

jalan raya mcm highway.. 6 lane tu...

©    Crime rate rendah, so nak jln sorang2 mlm pun still ok. Ada one time I keluar nak jln2 waktu mlm, after 10 mins walked, baru perasan it’s on the opposite direction, ha redah je jugak jln2..

©    The people are very helpful, even tho they can’t speak English very well. Ada even tak blh communicate at all.  My colleague’s husband terkial2 nak angkat stroller naik tangga kat subway, ada orang tua ni siap tlg angkatkan lg..

©    Food – susah nak cari yg betul2 halal. Masa nak pegi, I dah siap bwk bekal nasi impit, roti, sambal kering, maggi, biskut.. cukup stok for 1 week, so tak le kelaparan sgt.. nak mkn beria2 pun masa kat Itaewon je.

©    Ada byk sculpture kat sini, not sure what they are representing of. I have a few shots to share.

Conclusion - I really had a great time here. There are so many places that I have yet to visit, such as Lotte World, Everland, 5 major palaces, N Tower, River Cruise dan mcm2 lg la.. Hopefully, one fine day, I can come back to South Korea, together with my family, on our own vacation.. 


  1. bestnya...
    bila lah akak boleh sampai yek..
    ingin sekali kesana.

  2. insyaallah.. dah tour turkey, pas ni pi la sana plak.. different panorama..